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Someone has already probably made the joke. 

But this is dedicated to windbladesboobies who braved a terrible movie with me today. And the fact that while waiting in line we were laughing about this movie poster.

No seriously guys, this had to have been the first thought that when through your head when you saw this!

You said you couldn’t find a  d r e a m  of your own, right? But if you did find one, what would you do? 

watching free! eternal summer episode 12

oh. my. god.
this episode.
lostandfrazzled!haru is an adorable haru. yeah, yeah, rin
was kinda ijiwaru but haru following him like that was just (๑′ฅฅ‵๑)ずっきゅーん💖 good job, rin! lol
and awwww, rin. poor baby. i wanna hug him right now.
haru not stripping before a great body of water… the world might be coming to an end. or not. oh god, he got so disturbed about fighting with mako-chan that he didn’t want to swim. awww, haru is just adorable. and yeah. hello, makoharu! lol
but, oh god, i have a feeling that haru is going to get ntr’ed. like, seriously.
and that scene with rin’s homestay parents? it looked like rin was introducing his girlfriend to his parents.
and yes. i so totally saw that coming. rin and haru sharing a bed… ( ///⊃ω⊂)ウキャ
and oh my god. the conversations. if you know nothing about free and start watching it at this episode… (〃 ̄ω ̄)σぁゃιぃ yeah. my BL radar was going nuts the whole episode.

/watching preview for episode 11
/hears makoto and haru
/hears something about changing
/sees makoto and haru and fireworks
me: oh god... they're breaking up... (((゜Д゜;)))


If you notice at this part we see Haru, still extemely upset and broken about the argument he had with Makoto last night.

To the left we see his stuff, including the clothes he wore last night, strewn off haphazardly.

To me this implies he ran home, threw off his clothes and crawled into bed and hasnt moved since.

What i find most important though is that he didnt bathe. He didnt even think to go near water. Because nothing could comfort him after losing his one ally (to him, the one person who wouldnt pester him about his future) and it hurts. Because now hes finally being forced to think and evaluate and understand that he does have to think about his future.

The fight with Makoto hurt him so much.


Rin and Makoto conspiring to make Haru happy is my favorite thing.