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Famitsu TV season 3

Koshimizu Ami not letting Suzuki Tatsuhisa off so easy after his game lost. part 3 / part 2 / part 1

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: That’s not happening, no way that’s happening. Not happening. So you’re saying that I’m going to be sexually harassed on screen?

Koshimizu Ami: You’re wrong! It’s not harassment.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Like right in front of this?! 

Kana Asumi & Koshimizu Ami: It’s body care!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: No, no.

Uchida Maaya: Don’t worry we’re the 2nd best!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Hey, you know what. If you think about this clearly in the game it’s fine. But this is considered as sexual harassment.

Koshimizu Ami: This is the touch pen.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: No,no. Are you an idiot?!


Famitsu TV Season 3

Koshimizu Ami not letting Suzuki Tatsuhisa off so easy after his game lost. part 2 / part 3 / part 1

Koshimizu Ami: Really?!

Kana Asumi: Heaven joutai was fun! (joutai means status)

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Let one of the members in the game do it!

Koshimizu Ami: You want to see right?! 

Kana Asumi: Real heaven joutai!

Koshimizu Ami: Concluding to that, Tatsuhisa-sensei’s “too bad” game is Real heaven joutai, for today! Using your body…

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: You know what…

Koshimizu Ami: To introduce a simulation of the Duel Love game.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Wait a second, wait a second! Just what am I suppose to do exactly?

Koshimizu Ami: Eh? Well first of all stand up.

Kana Asumi: Heaven joutai…

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Nn, ok I’m standing.

Koshimizu Ami: In front of the camera, alright! Ok then, each of us take turns and do this (draw 4 lines on tatsu’s back) and perform body care on you. 


Famitsu TV season 3 

Koshimizu Ami not letting Suzuki Tatsuhisa off so easy after his game lost. part 1 / part 2 / part 3

Koshimizu Ami: Concluding this, it’s Suzuki Tatsuhisa sensei’s turn for the “too bad” game but…

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: It’s “that” right? A line right?

Koshimizu Ami: Umm…

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: I’ll say as many as you want.

Koshimizu Ami: You know what, I know that I should listen to the victim’s side as well but… You haven’t really done this though, right? Saying these lines.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yeah, I haven’t done it. So like I said this is my first time. 

Koshimizu Ami: Haha! Haha! Just a line, no way! No way! I’m not letting you off that easy! Asumi, when you were called out the first time to test out that game, did you have fun? 

Kana Asumi: I had a lot of fun! 

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: This person is an idiot! (refers to Koshimizu Ami)

Koshimizu Ami: Really?!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: This person (Koshimizu Ami) is really an idiot!


Suwabe Junichi


Suzumura Kenichi


Miyano Mamoru - Seiyuu Bible 2013


reminder that not only did haru walk all the way to the swim club to hand makoto his lunch,


but he also waited for hours (until the evening) for makoto to finish his work…


even if you don’t ship makoharu you have to admit that’s some pretty damn good friendship right there.

haru’s also known for not bringing his mobile phone with him, and i don’t think he swam while he was there; how boring must waiting have been for him?



It looks like Daichi can only hold so much weight..